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Featuring 100/100 weight loss Challenge

All participants must register on the website and pay the $375 online

All participants must get approved by their doctor before weight in and pay a $10 fee for the
lifetime membership to Cincy Live Events and create a before picture profile on webpage.

Purpose: To provide a framework of fun and friendly competition that will:

Promote healthier

Encourage physical

Create a supportive

Disclaimer: Cincy Live Events LLC will do random checks to make sure all contestants are complying. If less than 3000 people sign up pay and take the challenge; Cincy Live’s management reserve the right to lower the Prize money to the proportion of the competitors. All ties will be settled by percent to weight lose average.


Maintenance Waiver Form

I am participating on a voluntary basis in the Weight Loss/Maintenance Challenge. My participation is on my own time and this activity is not work related or work required. I understand that weight challenge/recreational/ahletic activities may result in injuries to the participants. I believe that I am in good enough health to safely participate in this activity. (If over 35, it is advisable that this activity is cleared with your doctor).

Name (Please Print)

Signature Date

How the Challenge will work

The Challenge will start with a weigh in and before picture. Each contest must sign the waiver form. During the weigh in process Cincy Live Events will choose five contestants to be trained by our fitness partners TBD! These classes will be on YouTube and live streamed on Cincy Live Events website. So each student can follow along in real time and go to YouTube.

Students will receive special instruction
on their weight class which will include:

The classes will last 100 days. To win the person who loses the most weight in 100 days will win. In the case of a tie % to weight loss will be the tie breaker. If % to weight loss do not break the tie, the two contestants will split the prize money as will their personal trainers. All personal trainers will win the same amount of money as their winning contestants. We define personal trainer as any person, group, or organization so designated by the contestant. By this definition all the contestants will be encouraged to get help in the form of personal trainers. The contestants can have as many personal trainers as they choose. The contestant decides how to divide the money of the personal trainer. We encourage the contestants to ask some folks that they know from Amazon and involve organizations that they would want to donate.

For example

Just to name a few choices, we want the contestants to be creative and involve
our entire community.

Our request

The cost of the class is $375 per employee. Plus $10 lifetime membership fee to Cincy Live Events

1. Lifetime Membership with Cincy Live Events.

a. Online webpage

b. Live chat

c. Video chat

d. Direct message

e. Exclusive right to all Cincy Live Events Challenges
at no cost for life.

2. Personalized Nutrition Classes

3. Personalized Exercise program for weight class

4. Positive problem-solving classes

5. Mental Health awareness classes taught online